Ferragnez Wedding: Who performed the direction of the most social wedding of all times?

The Ferragnez

Photo Credits: @virginiabettoja, Instagram

At 18.30 of last September 1, in the heart of Sicily, at Noto, the fashion entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni and Italian rapper Fedez got married. Live Instagram, stories, posts, feedbacks and viral hashtags, e.g.  #theferragnez launched by the newlyweds, allowed to take part live in the event, where every guest had the freedom of telling and sharing the moments he liked most.

Due to the international popularity of this young couple, during the week after the ceremony, a load of ink has been already depleted to talk about those custom dream Dior haute couture dresses, hundreds of toasts, fireworks and the amusement park complete with a Ferris  wheel. The groom and the bride have been featured in thousands of pictures, their videos have been clicked on at a blistering pace and overwhelmed with a flood of like. After all, they have a huge squad of followers.

The newlyweds aside, we would like to discover more in-depth who performed the direction of the whole event and the name of professionals that contributed to the floral arrangements and the lighting system. Most of this wedding’s success is thanks to these artists who were able to balance every detail and perfectly take care of everything. Therefore, the final effect was spellbinding.

Anyway, let’s start with a woman, Alessandra Grillo, event planner, who was  highly capable of setting a ceremony up, where poetry and romanticism found their best expression. An experienced professional who could choose, project, plan and respect the couple’s needs in full harmony with the context and the different locations.

She worked shoulder to shoulder with Vincenzo Dascanio, dubbed in his sector “the magician of flowers”, or better one of Italian most popular floral designers and one of the most chartered in Europe. For the Welcome Party, which took place on August 31 in the city center at the historic and charming Palazzo Nicolaci, Dascanio scattered the courtyard with lights through  tens of hurricanes, photophores and candleholders with gold finishing touches. It was really an amazing idea to collect glass canisters and place them side by side, with also some precious pieces, in order to create a chromatic rhythm that gave balance as  well as movement to the composition.

The Ferragnez Wedding

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @vincenzodascanio, Instagram

The atmosphere was intimate and captivating. The artist and designer Domenico Pellegrino produced the lighting in the shape of Sicily with a whimsical charm. The rehearsal dinner took place in the rooms full of frescoes at the palace and the leading colour of the dinner was red.

The Ferragnez Wedding


The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @chiaraferragni, Instagram

On the wedding day the ceremony and the celebration transitioned to a second space, about 20 km far from Noto, at Dimora delle Balze, (www.dimoradellebalze.com), an enchanted castle dated back to late 1700, now a luxury resort with only twelve rooms. Delicate flowers in muted colours embellished  every corner of the setting, paired with vintage furnishings.

The Ferragnez Wedding

The Ferragnez Wedding

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @vincenzodascanio, Instagram

Floral arches filled with white roses were the outstanding frame of the most important moment when they said “Yes, I do”, and long dinner tables were set up below a magnificent canopy of twinkling lights (The Cave of Lights), entirely designed by Dascanio.

The Ferragnez Wedding

The Ferragnez Wedding

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @vincenzodascanio, Instagram

A magical and poetic light that looked as if it was a dance of thousands of fireflies in a midsummer night.  The mise en place was flawless with glass goblets, charger plates with silver glittering and elegant porcelain. Thanks to his creative skills Vincenzo Dascanio succeeded in  emphasizing with his creations the glamorous and fairytale mood of the wedding, ended up with the traditional cut of the cake.

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo  Credits: @chiaraferragni, Instagram

A custom made six-tiered wedding cake, made by the cake designer Marco Failla and decorated with gold leaves and embroideries that reproduced those ones on the bride’s second dress.

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @carlomengucci, Instagram

All these professionals are the clear result that inspiration and creativity, linked with good taste, are those strengths that produce a wonderful show for the eyes. Without a project or a goal it is truly complicated to go on.  It should be a challenge of passion, sacrifice and some risk, without that even the smallest idea can not succeed. This wedding, like many others, is a dream that came true, but the magic powder that makes it come true, is how much you believe in. See you next time!

The Ferragnez Wedding

Photo Credits: @chiaraferragni, Instagram

Book of the month: PrettyCityLondon

The History Press

In recent years almost everyone has become Instagram-addicted. The love for this social media platform keeps growing day after day. What is the reason? There is not only one. First of all, Instagram is an endless source of creative inspiration and then it is a way to meet many people with your same passions and values, discover new artists and dream of places to visit. 

A couple of months ago I came across a feed I fell in love with. It is @prettycitylondon, curated and founded by Siobhan Ferguson, a talented photographer and social media consultant. She started by creating her own hashtag #prettycitylondon, full to the brim with pictures that captured my heart. All these images depict London and its charming neighbourhoods in a very romantic and, as the title itself suggests, pretty way. 

PrettyCityLondon Instagram Feed

A snapshot of the Instagram feed @prettycitylondon.

As her Instagram community is still increasing at a blistering pace, last April Siobhan Ferguson published the book PrettyCityLondon, a visual celebration of this capital city with lovely maps by Holly Webber and contributions from some local Instagrammers. 

Added to the pleasure of flicking through its beautifully curated pages, the book aims to be an unusual guidebook by focusing more on discovering those hidden gems, the off the beaten track places rather than the big named tourist attractions.  

Vogue defined it as a guide to the most Instagram-worthy places in London, from vintage shops to fairytale-like florists, from iconic cafes to elegant façades and pastel-coloured houses. It is surprising how there is always something new and special to capture in London. If you are passionate about this wonderful city, do not wait to follow @prettycitylondon on Instagram and buy the book on Amazon.


Believe me, it is really worth and provides useful prompts for your next trip. See you next time!

Postcard of the month: Capri

Capri Map

At this stage summer has reached its peak and is not only a matter of calendar. Hot temperatures, the tireless chirp of cicadas and the craving for the sea that accompanies our relaxing days are undoubtedly a clear proof. 

As far as the postcard of this month is concerned, La Corte Fiorita chose one of the most popular holiday destinations exactly during the summer season. We are talking about Capri, the unmistakable and most elegant island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Constellated of luxurious villas with a breathtaking view, the island offers a fascinating blending of local traditions and hospitality to the highest level.

Funicolare Capri

White houses perched on the rock, and slashes of sky, and the sea you can find nowhere else. A sea that appears in all its shades of blue, embroidered with the criss-crossing white wakes of boats.


The unrivalled landscape of Capri is mostly characterized by the Faraglioni, majestic rocky peaks emerging from the sea, only a few meters far from the coast. In his book, whose title is exactly the name of the island, Alberto Savinio defined them “Gothic Cathedrals”. They are the trademark of the island and probably one of the most famous Italian natural beauties in the world. A scene that can be drawn thousands of times, let’s think about cinema settings or TV advertisements, but never stops enthralling.

Apart from Nature, which here reigns undisputed and gives a sight of stunned beauty, we can’t miss to take a break, at least by ordering a cocktail while sitting on the wicker armchairs at one of those iconic bars (Caffè Tiberio, Caffè Caso, Il Piccolo, Gran Caffè, Bar R. Vuotto) in Piazza Umberto I, world renowned as the legendary Piazzetta, the parlor where you can easily watch some VIPs, and where you go above all to look and be looked at.

Capri is also the paradise of shopping, here you can find the boutiques of luxury brands. It is very funny to observe bejewelled ladies, enveloped of sparkling frills while they are sipping a drink at the  Quisisana, one of the most beautiful five star hotels, in a moment of rest from wild shopping and bloody credit cards. Snob ladies with mumified faces and gummy breasts that wag along Via  Camerelle, the most glamorous street, and take some selfies to post on social media. An evident example of shameless worldliness, a bit rough and far away from the refined taste, mostly low-profile, thanks to which real gentlemen stand out.

If you want to take or better post on Instagram the most typical picture with the Faraglioni on the backdrop, it is absolutely worth visiting the Gardens of Augustus, one of the most evocative places of Capri. These gardens twist and turn through a group of flowered terraces overlooking the Faraglioni on one side and Marina Piccola Bay and the hairpin turns of Via Krupp, the most spectacular path in the world, on the other. 

At the entrance of the Augustus’ Gardens you can have a light lunch, for instance the traditional Caprese, at the Capri Rooftop Lounge Bar, an outstanding suspended terrace, where you can have the feeling of sailing. 


Finally, the best conclusion of a day in the magical Capri is a dance to rhythm of tambourine and jingling of glasses at Anema e Core, the Taverna of Guido and Gianluigi Lembo, with a rich collection of engaging Neapolitan songs. Everything in the name of good mood. What else? See you next time! 

Urban Jungle Style: when nature means décor

Jungle Style

Urban jungle style, also simply known as jungle, is an interior genre, very trendy in these latest years, which gets inspired by nature. It is a style that exudes exotic fascination, reminds of far countries and nostalgic travel memories.

Plants play a pivotal role, reign unflinching home interiors by transforming modern houses into real green oasis. An urban jungle home becomes in this way a lush and blooming haven, where exotic plants blend with vintage pieces and decorative items made up with natural fibers such as wood, rattan and bamboo for the furnishings, linen and cotton for the fabrics. 

Jungle Style

Matt hues, bright colours and wallpapers with tropical patterns are committed to creating the lush and wild atmosphere of the forest, that often replies to the need for escapism from the tedious and grey “jungle” of the city.

Jungle Style Wallpapers

Even a luxurious boutique hotel, Velona’s Jungle, located in the heart of Florence has been recently refurbished according to a jungle style, in order to offer customers an unusual holiday off the beaten track. Animalier design, paintings with tigers, exotic plants, parrots under glass cloches, lampshades with feathers distinguish different living spaces through eclectic and quirky combinations, capable, however, of creating a cosy and soothing atmosphere. 

Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites

Why don’t we try to enhance life in close contact with nature in our homes? What do you think? See you next time!

The house of the month: an idyll of light in Florida

Veranda Magazine July/August 2018

A wonderful house built on a unique ground-level in Naples, a delightful city perched on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. The designer Suzanne Kasler took care of the whole restyling and the architect Rob Herscoe studied new solutions to better live the surrounding spaces.

When you enter the doorway, you are welcomed in the great living area where a refined harmony of muted shades and soft Venetian plaster give a touch of sophisticated elegance to the ambiance. The walls are adorned with contemporary paintings, whose palette is very bright. The upholstery of the sofas is made of raw fibres such as linen, only the sofa chairs next to the hearth and the turquoise chest in front of the dining table spread a color brushstroke as counterbalance with the dazzling white that reigns everywhere.

Veranda Magazine July/August 2018

Large windows create with their height a seamless connection between inside and outside, the building seems almost to float in a very outstanding natural environment. The covered lanai, completely open with retracting screens, is a perfect place to enjoy and meet friends, and the atmosphere is intimate and captivating. 

Everything shows a great attention to details, some ornaments are really one-of-a-kind jewels of handicraft. For instance, take a look at the frame of the mirror, located at the entrance and embedded with thousands of miniature seashells, or the floral pattern with silvery shimmers on the walls of the bathroom. 

Veranda Magazine July/August 2018

Veranda Magazine July/August 2018

(Photo Credits: Veranda Magazine)

The house is an idyll of light and, after all, with all these rays of light, surrounded by nature and able to indulge in those breathtaking sunsets Florida gives, would you expect anything more? See you soon!

Succulents are trendy

Design Piante Grasse

Have you noticed how succulents are cropping up on everything in this summer 2018? Last year flamingos and unicorns dominated, but now it is the turn of succulents, not only the real plants themselves but also as homeware products.

Piante Grasse Design

They have become popular symbol with international appeal, appearing suddenly everywhere, from crockery to phone covers, from print wallpapers to table linens. Succulent-themed items are really a growing trend and take the design world by storm.

Home Decor

Thousands of images pop up on Instagram and Pinterest. It is indisputably true that plants and flowers indoors can have a positive effect on our well-being. So decorating with home accessories featuring colourful and dainty blooms or lovely leaf motifs can only add a more relaxing and cheerful atmosphere to our home. Let us try! See you soon!

Cactus-themed products


Home Decor


Tessitura Toscana Telerie

(Photo Credits: www.tessituratoscanatelerie.it)

The postcard of the month: the aquarium in Genoa


When you come to Genoa, you can not miss its spectacular aquarium, the second largest exhibition on aquatic biodiversity in Europe after Valencia. You will surely take an unforgettable walk among more than 70 tanks with dolphins, sharks, manatees and hundreds of other species.

Aquarium in Genoa

Along the way you can be fascinated by multi-coloured tropical fish species, admire the floating movement of jellyfish with their long and thin tentacles, feel the excitement in the touch pool of petting some specimens of skate, get a glimpse of scary morays and enjoy funny dolphins outside the water. Every room of the aquarium reproduces faithfully the marine scenarios.

Aquarium in Genoa

The core of this voyage through the blue is the leading role that water has for life. Moreover, this special and spellbinding experience aims at inspiring visitors to respect the sea and its inhabitants with a deeper awareness. In a nutshell, the aquarium is truly a worthwhile visit to explore the magic of the underwater world. See you soon!

Chelsea in Bloom: The Summer of Love

Chelsea in Bloom

Throughout the duration of the world’s leading horticultural annual competition of the Chelsea Flower Show, another prestigious alternative floral art show takes place.

Referred to as the Chelsea in Bloom festival, this year it celebrates its 10th anniversary. The whole neighborhood has been transformed into a spectacular floral experience with best retailers, restaurants and hotels getting involved to compete for the coveted awards, “Best Floral Display”, “Highly Commended”, the “Innovation Award” and the “People’s Champion” crown.

This year’s theme is Summer of Love, clearly inspired by the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan and the 60’s/70’s cultural revolution. The most beautiful floral displays and the prettiest shopfronts have been judged and voted by an expert panel.

Other than visiting the Chelsea Flower Show you can join at your leisure both a walking tour and a complimentary rickshaw tour in the borough of Chelsea and its surrounding areas, starting from Sloane Square. If at any case you lost this event, do not panic because you can find a bunch of pictures on Instagram. Why don’t you get a sneak peek? #chelseainbloom is waiting for you. See you soon!


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018

Go wherever creativity brings you: Sara Malaguti

Intervista I am flowerista

On Instagram it often happens to get acquainted with really interesting people you can share common passions with. Some months ago I had this opportunity, when I am a flowerista asked me to follow my profile. To say the truth, it was a stroke of luck as soon as I discovered who was behind this nickname.

It is time to introduce Sara Malaguti, a talented flower blogger, who, thanks to her community (www.flowerista.it), gained in the latest months amazing plaudits. One of her most recent success dates back to last April, when she joined the CasaFacile team as a contributor.

Sara created her blog in May 2017 and, with this new digital project, she succeeded in blending two of her deepest passions: writing and flowers. It is always interesting to draw from different sectors and mingle everything together. 

Today Flowerista is a wonderful constantly growing reality, because Sara is always bursting with whimsical ideas and her boundless imagination. Better to describe everything is happening to her, Sara has even released a new hashtag #FlowersAreMyStories.

On Saturday 12 May Rosa, Rosae, Rosae, the first event dedicated to the flowerista community, will be taking place with three simultaneous workshops, flower arrangements and a snack in the mood of #coffeeandflower. A lot of other surprises await guests but everything is still top secret.


I am a flowerista



Let’s listen to what Sara thinks about creativity.


What does creativity mean to you? 

I have always thought not to be creative at all. By mistake, I only associated creativity with practical skills, a gift I never owned. This thought is not so uncommon, because at school you do not usually learn the concept that, anyway, you can be creative, aside from your kind of work, e.g., writer, event planner or engineer. From my viewpoint creativity is an attitude to solve problems and have an innovative vision. When I realized that – above all, because the others noticed my resolved behaviour in the business brainstorming – I became aware of that myself I always ignored, while taking more into account precision, organisation and method. All important things, but, without a creative approach, completely weak. According to me creativity is synonym for simplicity, it flows through a creative chaos, desks full of objects and random ideas. When creativity joins simplicity, it is a miracle.

Intervista I am flowerista

When do you unbridle better your creative spirit

and why?

When I rethink back about my childhood, I always loved writing and inventing stories. When I was a child, I even set true shows and obliged my schoolmates to play characters, as a result of my imagination. For a certain period of my life I was compelled to keep silent about my ambition, also worried by my family’s advice it would not pledge me to gain self-sufficiency. I do not blame my parents for this, I understand their mentality of “another age” but I believe that, if your passion is strong enough, you can not neglect it. And this is what happened to me. After a ten year job in a company, focusing on event planning and marketing issues, I ended up listening to my personal voice that suggested following what my heart was saying to me: I only wanted to write and tell stories. Moreover, three years ago during a photography course I met the person, who has then become my boyfriend. You can barely imagine the joy to combine his pictures with my stories.

Intervista I am flowerista

To be creative, you should…?

Free. Free from any mental boundaries, fear of making mistakes or failing, doing something already seen or senseless. Everyone is creative in his field, what can make the difference is the courage to become aware with your own creativity, that we do not often know where it can bring us.

Intervista I am flowerista

For this interview I would like to offer my special thanks to Sara for her kindness, because she gave me her word despite her busy agenda. Although I have not had the pleasure yet to meet her face to face, I am sure that she is truly a lovely person, enterprising and rich in prompts.

With an enviable expertise she succeeded in creating her personal web corner where to explore the world of flowers and its thousand ways of expression. She is really amazing, she followed her instinct, had the courage to dare and at the end her flower revolution started and gave outstanding results. I am already a member of her community. And you? Hurry up, what are you waiting for joining? See you soon!


Photo Credits: Sara Malaguti

Fuorisalone 2018: Nature is more and more an object of design

Fuorisalone 2018

In Milan the most creative and lively week of the year has just ended. From Tuesday 17th to Sunday  22nd of April the city was transformed into a showcase of the latest frontiers in terms of style and trends that move around a unique keyword: design.

A full calendar of events, exhibitions, installations and performances was set up both at the fair of Rho-Pero, the headquarter of Salone del Mobile, the prestigious venue targeted to insiders, and at Fuorisalone, namely in the districts of the city center, pleasantly affected by this leap of creativity.

Concentrating more in-depth on Fuorisalone, in the 2018 edition design was the most green-addicted in comparison with last years. In Piazza Duomo, in front of the Royal Palace, a 500 square meters art installation has been staged. It is made up of four climatic microcosms and created by the Studio Carlo Ratti Associated. “Living Nature. Nature of living” is the name of the project and focuses on the relationship between the world of nature and the world of living.


MDW18 Carlo Carlo Ratti Associati

Photo Credits: chiaraiki, Instagram

On the occasion of Milan Design Week the stylist Luisa Beccaria, icon of the best made in Italy, opened the door of LùBar in Via Palestro to present to the public her first Home Collection for Moda Operandi, an online luxury platform. Every guest could be greeted by a trunkshow of table items, ranging from elegant crockery with floral patterns and soft hues to precious embroidered tablecloth sets, in a winter garden awash with plants where models, wearing ethereal dresses, moved graceful like dancers.


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi

Photo Credits: Getty Images – Europe, www.zimbio.com

For the project Stranger Pink of Artemest Lilla Tabasso created wonderful floral glass installations and put them on display at the Ted Gallery in Via Randaccio, in the surroundings of Arco della Pace.


Lilla Tabasso Stranger Pink


MDW18 Ted Milano

Photo Credits: lillatabasso_glass_and_jewelry, Instagram

The floral and interior designer Tonino Serra arranged at NonostanteMarras, the concept store (Via  Cola di Rienzo, 8) of the Sardinian stylist Antonio Marras, flower bouquets with white and ivory hues, available in the atelier, that also set up a temporary restaurant Domus Rana with one-of-a-kind chairs and a floral waving explosion coming from the ceiling. Truly a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Milan during the design week. On display were also home accessories, pieces of art and Sardinian handcraft.


MDW18 NonostanteMarras

Photo Credits: fa_cate, Instagram


MDW18 NonostanteMarras Domus Rana

Photo Credits: emi.chiarello, Instagram


MDW18 NonostanteMarras

Photo Credits: fuorisalone, Instagram

I can imagine that I have not told you enough about these days but the events of Fuorisalone were really a lot and you can always run the risk of losing some of them, in the tangled jungle of exhibitions and meetings on every corner. This edition will soon belong to our past memories. Nevertheless, designers are already working to explore new trends and praiseworthy ideas for next year. Creativity, I mean the authentic one, when you own it, never allows you to take a break. See you soon!

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