Succulents are trendy

Design Piante Grasse

Have you noticed how succulents are cropping up on everything in this summer 2018? Last year flamingos and unicorns dominated, but now it is the turn of succulents, not only the real plants themselves but also as homeware products.

Piante Grasse Design

They have become popular symbol with international appeal, appearing suddenly everywhere, from crockery to phone covers, from print wallpapers to table linens. Succulent-themed items are really a growing trend and take the design world by storm.

Home Decor

Thousands of images pop up on Instagram and Pinterest. It is indisputably true that plants and flowers indoors can have a positive effect on our well-being. So decorating with home accessories featuring colourful and dainty blooms or lovely leaf motifs can only add a more relaxing and cheerful atmosphere to our home. Let us try! See you soon!

Cactus-themed products


Home Decor


Tessitura Toscana Telerie

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The postcard of the month: the aquarium in Genoa


When you come to Genoa, you can not miss its spectacular aquarium, the second largest exhibition on aquatic biodiversity in Europe after Valencia. You will surely take an unforgettable walk among more than 70 tanks with dolphins, sharks, manatees and hundreds of other species.

Aquarium in Genoa

Along the way you can be fascinated by multi-coloured tropical fish species, admire the floating movement of jellyfish with their long and thin tentacles, feel the excitement in the touch pool of petting some specimens of skate, get a glimpse of scary morays and enjoy funny dolphins outside the water. Every room of the aquarium reproduces faithfully the marine scenarios.

Aquarium in Genoa

The core of this voyage through the blue is the leading role that water has for life. Moreover, this special and spellbinding experience aims at inspiring visitors to respect the sea and its inhabitants with a deeper awareness. In a nutshell, the aquarium is truly a worthwhile visit to explore the magic of the underwater world. See you soon!

Chelsea in Bloom: The Summer of Love

Chelsea in Bloom

Throughout the duration of the world’s leading horticultural annual competition of the Chelsea Flower Show, another prestigious alternative floral art show takes place.

Referred to as the Chelsea in Bloom festival, this year it celebrates its 10th anniversary. The whole neighborhood has been transformed into a spectacular floral experience with best retailers, restaurants and hotels getting involved to compete for the coveted awards, “Best Floral Display”, “Highly Commended”, the “Innovation Award” and the “People’s Champion” crown.

This year’s theme is Summer of Love, clearly inspired by the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan and the 60’s/70’s cultural revolution. The most beautiful floral displays and the prettiest shopfronts have been judged and voted by an expert panel.

Other than visiting the Chelsea Flower Show you can join at your leisure both a walking tour and a complimentary rickshaw tour in the borough of Chelsea and its surrounding areas, starting from Sloane Square. If at any case you lost this event, do not panic because you can find a bunch of pictures on Instagram. Why don’t you get a sneak peek? #chelseainbloom is waiting for you. See you soon!


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018


Chelsea in Bloom 2018

Go wherever creativity brings you: Sara Malaguti

Intervista I am flowerista

On Instagram it often happens to get acquainted with really interesting people you can share common passions with. Some months ago I had this opportunity, when I am a flowerista asked me to follow my profile. To say the truth, it was a stroke of luck as soon as I discovered who was behind this nickname.

It is time to introduce Sara Malaguti, a talented flower blogger, who, thanks to her community (, gained in the latest months amazing plaudits. One of her most recent success dates back to last April, when she joined the CasaFacile team as a contributor.

Sara created her blog in May 2017 and, with this new digital project, she succeeded in blending two of her deepest passions: writing and flowers. It is always interesting to draw from different sectors and mingle everything together. 

Today Flowerista is a wonderful constantly growing reality, because Sara is always bursting with whimsical ideas and her boundless imagination. Better to describe everything is happening to her, Sara has even released a new hashtag #FlowersAreMyStories.

On Saturday 12 May Rosa, Rosae, Rosae, the first event dedicated to the flowerista community, will be taking place with three simultaneous workshops, flower arrangements and a snack in the mood of #coffeeandflower. A lot of other surprises await guests but everything is still top secret.


I am a flowerista


Let’s listen to what Sara thinks about creativity.


What does creativity mean to you? 

I have always thought not to be creative at all. By mistake, I only associated creativity with practical skills, a gift I never owned. This thought is not so uncommon, because at school you do not usually learn the concept that, anyway, you can be creative, aside from your kind of work, e.g., writer, event planner or engineer. From my viewpoint creativity is an attitude to solve problems and have an innovative vision. When I realized that – above all, because the others noticed my resolved behaviour in the business brainstorming – I became aware of that myself I always ignored, while taking more into account precision, organisation and method. All important things, but, without a creative approach, completely weak. According to me creativity is synonym for simplicity, it flows through a creative chaos, desks full of objects and random ideas. When creativity joins simplicity, it is a miracle.

Intervista I am flowerista

When do you unbridle better your creative spirit

and why?

When I rethink back about my childhood, I always loved writing and inventing stories. When I was a child, I even set true shows and obliged my schoolmates to play characters, as a result of my imagination. For a certain period of my life I was compelled to keep silent about my ambition, also worried by my family’s advice it would not pledge me to gain self-sufficiency. I do not blame my parents for this, I understand their mentality of “another age” but I believe that, if your passion is strong enough, you can not neglect it. And this is what happened to me. After a ten year job in a company, focusing on event planning and marketing issues, I ended up listening to my personal voice that suggested following what my heart was saying to me: I only wanted to write and tell stories. Moreover, three years ago during a photography course I met the person, who has then become my boyfriend. You can barely imagine the joy to combine his pictures with my stories.

Intervista I am flowerista

To be creative, you should…?

Free. Free from any mental boundaries, fear of making mistakes or failing, doing something already seen or senseless. Everyone is creative in his field, what can make the difference is the courage to become aware with your own creativity, that we do not often know where it can bring us.

Intervista I am flowerista

For this interview I would like to offer my special thanks to Sara for her kindness, because she gave me her word despite her busy agenda. Although I have not had the pleasure yet to meet her face to face, I am sure that she is truly a lovely person, enterprising and rich in prompts.

With an enviable expertise she succeeded in creating her personal web corner where to explore the world of flowers and its thousand ways of expression. She is really amazing, she followed her instinct, had the courage to dare and at the end her flower revolution started and gave outstanding results. I am already a member of her community. And you? Hurry up, what are you waiting for joining? See you soon!


Photo Credits: Sara Malaguti

Fuorisalone 2018: Nature is more and more an object of design

Fuorisalone 2018

In Milan the most creative and lively week of the year has just ended. From Tuesday 17th to Sunday  22nd of April the city was transformed into a showcase of the latest frontiers in terms of style and trends that move around a unique keyword: design.

A full calendar of events, exhibitions, installations and performances was set up both at the fair of Rho-Pero, the headquarter of Salone del Mobile, the prestigious venue targeted to insiders, and at Fuorisalone, namely in the districts of the city center, pleasantly affected by this leap of creativity.

Concentrating more in-depth on Fuorisalone, in the 2018 edition design was the most green-addicted in comparison with last years. In Piazza Duomo, in front of the Royal Palace, a 500 square meters art installation has been staged. It is made up of four climatic microcosms and created by the Studio Carlo Ratti Associated. “Living Nature. Nature of living” is the name of the project and focuses on the relationship between the world of nature and the world of living.


MDW18 Carlo Carlo Ratti Associati

Photo Credits: chiaraiki, Instagram

On the occasion of Milan Design Week the stylist Luisa Beccaria, icon of the best made in Italy, opened the door of LùBar in Via Palestro to present to the public her first Home Collection for Moda Operandi, an online luxury platform. Every guest could be greeted by a trunkshow of table items, ranging from elegant crockery with floral patterns and soft hues to precious embroidered tablecloth sets, in a winter garden awash with plants where models, wearing ethereal dresses, moved graceful like dancers.


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi


MDW18 Luisa Beccaria Moda Operandi

Photo Credits: Getty Images – Europe,

For the project Stranger Pink of Artemest Lilla Tabasso created wonderful floral glass installations and put them on display at the Ted Gallery in Via Randaccio, in the surroundings of Arco della Pace.


Lilla Tabasso Stranger Pink


MDW18 Ted Milano

Photo Credits: lillatabasso_glass_and_jewelry, Instagram

The floral and interior designer Tonino Serra arranged at NonostanteMarras, the concept store (Via  Cola di Rienzo, 8) of the Sardinian stylist Antonio Marras, flower bouquets with white and ivory hues, available in the atelier, that also set up a temporary restaurant Domus Rana with one-of-a-kind chairs and a floral waving explosion coming from the ceiling. Truly a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Milan during the design week. On display were also home accessories, pieces of art and Sardinian handcraft.


MDW18 NonostanteMarras

Photo Credits: fa_cate, Instagram


MDW18 NonostanteMarras Domus Rana

Photo Credits: emi.chiarello, Instagram


MDW18 NonostanteMarras

Photo Credits: fuorisalone, Instagram

I can imagine that I have not told you enough about these days but the events of Fuorisalone were really a lot and you can always run the risk of losing some of them, in the tangled jungle of exhibitions and meetings on every corner. This edition will soon belong to our past memories. Nevertheless, designers are already working to explore new trends and praiseworthy ideas for next year. Creativity, I mean the authentic one, when you own it, never allows you to take a break. See you soon!

The Tearose World: when a shopping experience becomes emotion

Tearose Boutique Milan

Tearose is a boutique that la Corte Fiorita rates as truly unmissable when you come to Milan and take a stroll in the heart of the Fashion District. By delving into the Tearose world just for a while you will be enthralled by dazzling glass vases awash with seasonal flowers, exclusive scented candles, elegant tableware, chic fashion accessories and clothing sourced from the finest designers all over the world.

Tearose Boutique Milan

At Tearose everything is glamorous and tastefully chosen, here living a shopping experience becomes emotion. Alessandra Rovati Vitali, interior and set decorator, is the founder of Tearose. She is a chartered event planner as well as a style and trend trailblazer.

Tree made of crystallised gorgonias

Today Tearose is one of the leading and most beloved flower boutiques in the city. On the occasion of the annual Salone del Mobile furniture fair, from Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd April, 2018, the designer Natasha Baradaran will preview her furniture collection, totally handmade in Los Angeles and consisting of  elegant accessories, upholstery and lighting. Part of her artwork draw inspiration from Italian style. One more reason to discover Tearose in these bustling days. See you soon!


Carnet d’Adresse


Tearose logo

Piazzetta Croce Rossa

20121 Milano

Tel. +39 02 86998767

Creative Tutorial: Eggs and Flowers for Easter table setting

Composizione floreale Pasqua

Easter is around the corner, so let us unbridle our creativity, while preparing the tablescape on this special occasion. Besides textiles, tableware and obviously food, a floral touch can not miss. Food surely plays a leading role, but, however, decoration is worth. For this reason the creative tutorial offers a centerpiece with spring flowers of fluffy and soothing hues that you can arrange quickly and, moreover, at the end it may be very much appreciated by your guests. Are you ready? Shears at your fingertips and let us start.

Here is everything you need:

🌸 1 and a half floral foam

🌸 moss

 🌸 metallic pins to grasp moss

 🌸 2 dusty pink-hued anemones and

3 fuchsia anemones with ruffled petals

🌸 1 branch of cherry blossom pink wax flowers

 🌸 2 branches of blush pink broom

🌸 some branches of varied pittosporo, twisted hazel,

arrowwood and strawberry tree

🌸 6 handpainted eggs on a wooden stick

🌸 2 bunnies

🌸 50cm green cotton ribbon

🌸 a glass cake stand to place the floral arrangement.


As first step you have to dip the foam in the water and shape a cube by rounding its edges. Subsequently, you have to cover every side of the cube with the moss by helping yourself with metallic pins. Later insert branches of arrowwood, varied pittosporo and strawberry tree. Depending on your taste, you can create at the bottom a game of twisted hazel branches, as if you want to reproduce a bird’s nest. Last but not least place flowers according to a graceful movement of shape and color. Every element should be as spontaneous as possible. Embellish with a green cotton ribbon and two smart bunnies. The most beautiful floral arrangements and, above all, the ones that surprise more do not follow rules but the emotions of their creator. Happy Easter and see you soon!



Before saying goodbye, have you any doubt about how to setup your Easter table? Here are some pictures La Corte Fiorita selected for you from Pinterest to get inspired.


Easter Table Setting



Spring in one colour: pink cherry blossom


Cherry Blossom

But Japanese nature, with its daintiness, is another thing.

           Banana Yoshimoto

Spring has started for eight days and everyone is happy to welcome this season with a milder climate and brighter days. In Japan, a country rich in millennial traditions, spring is celebrated as a token of rebirth of nature and all beings. This period is usually associated with the hanami.

Hanami literally means “cherry blossom viewing”, but in practice it gathers for just a couple of days (thus also depends on the geographical location) a lot of Japanese as well as international visitors to sit, admire and chat under the cherry blossom trees.

Streets, river banks and gardens near shrines are veiled in a cloak of pink when cherry flowers (sakura) are in full bloom. The landscape is painted with pink-hued buds and their delicate, dainty petals are very aesthetically-appealing to see. Apart from the attractiveness that cherry blossom season exudes for its scenic beauty it also influences art, fashion and lifestyle.

A Japanese street artist recently painted a new mural depicting four beautiful Japanese women wearing traditional kimonos with seasonal flora patterns including cherry blossoms. It is entitled Four Seasons and it is part of the project Emotional Bridge in his hometown.

Emotional Bridge

(Photo Credits:

Cherry blossoms and their shades of dusty and powder pink are often used in interior design. Soft branches with silky petals can decorate the walls of a room, collectible porcelain can embellish the table for the ritual of Afternoon Tea and other home accessories can give a touch of blissful charm to your home.


Let’s get a glimpse of some pictures with this shade of sophisticated pink that La Corte Fiorita selected for you and inspiration will be on your doorstep.   Last but not least, the tourism sector has been also enthralled by this magical natural wonder. In fact a lot of tour operators are offering jaw-droppingly breathtaking cherry blossom trips to Japan. Hurry up to book your flight and see you soon!


Luxury Tour in Japan

(Photo Credits:

Fridamania: everyone mad about Frida’s style

Frida Kahlo Addiction

Who has not heard from Frida Kahlo yet? Nowadays I believe nobody but a very small handful of people living in the middle of nowhere without magazines, tv or technological devices. Undoubtedly, Frida Kahlo was the greatest and most talented Mexican painter of the early twentieth century.

As far as her popularity in Italy is concerned, in recent months a real Fridamania has taken Milan by storm. From February 1st, 2018 to June 3rd, 2018 the city is staging at the Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) Frida: Beyond the Myth, the most important European exhibition ever dedicated to this intriguing artist with a particularly multifaceted identity. More than one hundred works are on display, including oil paintings, self-portraits, drawings as well as pictures and archival materials coming from the two largest collections of Frida Kahlo in the world (the Museo Dolores Olmedo of Mexico City and the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection).

Frida Kahlo’s exhibition at Mudec

Oftentimes Frida Kahlo was more judged for her private life, rather than for her artwork. For this reason the aim of this new tribute is to offer an exceptional perspective on her Frida’s challenging personality and unveil more in-depth her belief, her vision of politics, sexual freedom, maternity and feminism. The success of the exhibition has been unbelievable and now it is undeniable that Frida is a world pop icon.

Her life inspired in 2002 the biopic Frida with the Mexican actress Salma Hayek. Her face, her unique, long, dark unibrows, her red lips and her flowers hairband have been featured practically everywhere, from cushions to wallpapers, to emojis and dolls.

Frida Kahlo Accessories


Frida’s signature style has also influenced fashion and interior design. A lot of magazines regularly publish articles depicting homes of stunned beauty with bright colors, e.g. red and blue, typical of Mexican tradition, floral embroidery, tropical patterns, prints with pet monkeys and hummingbirds, exotic motifs, pottery, painted majolica and bamboo or rattan baskets.

Mexican style

Mexican Home Interiors

These features defined Frida’s home philosophy she adopted in her house, the Casa Azul in Coyoacán, now a museum and pilgrimage site. If you want to be on trend and exude a bit of Frida’s vibe at home, unbridle your creativity and do not be afraid to dare.

Last but not least always believe in the power of interior design and never forget that your home is a reflection of your soul. Frida Kahlo already learned it very well a lot of years ago. See you soon!


In Modena for Petra. A unique showcase for outdoor furniture

Petra Fair Modena

Now at its 20th edition, Petra is one of the most representative fairs dedicated to the landscape and high-quality antique art for outdoor spaces.

Petra Modena February 2018

It is really awe-inspiring for savvy collectors, memorabilia hunters as well as architects and designers who can scour for one-of-a-kind solutions and receive original tips for creating prestigious environments. Exhibitors present hundreds of exclusive items, ranging from antique garden planters to wooden benches, from wrought-iron gates to glass jars, from brilliant fabrics to cast-iron chairs.

Petra Modena February 2018

Petra Modena February 2018

Petra Modena February 2018

Petra Modena February 2018

Petra Modena February 2018

Taking a spin among exhibitors’ stands you can easily realize why Petra is different from other traditional fairs. Here every stand perfectly recreates a living space, to which exhibitors give a heart as well as a soul with their signature style. Petra is really a “trunk of collectables” where you can always find something authentic which surely goes beyond the banal. See you soon!

Petra Modena February 2018

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